Do You Have a Copy of Your Resume?

It baffles me why HR personnel keep on asking candidates for copies of their resume when they already have a copy on file?

It seems like an utter waste of time and resources.

Are they seriously on the path to wiping the Earth clean of trees?

I am not aware of the exact procedure these departments follow but it feels very impractical to keep on asking every single applicant for a printed copy whenever they show up for interviews.

It’s happened to me a lot of times.

And it never fails to amaze me.

The fact that they went online to look for candidates should be an indication that they are, at the very least, concerned with saving paper.

But, even after going through your resume online, they’d still ask you to bring one when you come in for an interview.

Doesn’t that seem odd?

Why don’t they just print out the one they received?

Also, why do they have to ask the same questions every single time?

When you first get a call, the HR personnel would ask all these questions regarding your past work experiences and expectations with their company.

That is good because you were able to cover the most basic step of application. It would seem natural that the next step is the exam.

But no.

They will ask you the same questions!

In a way, this should be advantageous because you kinda had a rehearsal the day before. Now, you’re more sure of what to say.

But it is a total time waster!

I mean, why don’t they ask the same person who called you in the first place to conduct the face-to-face interview?

It would save everyone time.

Do HR departments have that much time (and paper) on their hands?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m not exactly sure but what I know for certain is I don’t like wasting both.

I want to get straight to it.

A few days ago I went in for an interview and exam for a new job. As expected, I was interviewed over the phone, asked to bring a printed copy of my resume, and asked the same set of questions.

They then asked me to go to their other office, which is a 15-minute ride away. Once I got there, can you guess what the lady at the lobby asked me?

Do I have a freakin’ copy of my resume?!


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