Galaja: A Great Place to Eat By the Side of the Road

Nothing’s more fun on weekends than being on the road with windows open, driving leisurely as you look for a good place to grab breakfast.

view from side mirror

There are many options in NLEX. There are Petron and Shell gas stations where you’ll find Jollibee, Chowking, KFC, Kenny Rogers, Delifrance and Starbucks but this particular morning, I’m not in the mood for trans fats or carbo overload.

I want something home-cooked. Fortunately, there’s this tiny hut by the side of the road in the Plaridel Bypass that seems like a good place to eat.

galaja facade

It looks so simple. Very basic actually. And it seems like a really nice place to eat in. It’s on the side of the road and beyond it is a beautiful stretch of rice fields. Plus, it’s breezy.

You’ll like this because it’s made of bamboo. It’s like visiting a friend in the province and enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal.




Look! A videoke machine. It was 8 am so singing a few songs is out of the question. I think they use this later in the day.

We were so hungry so we decided to order right away. Upon entering, there’s a long table in front that has all their specialties.



Kalderetang itik and baboy. I don’t like itik (duck) so I’m going with pork kaldereta.


inihaw na hito


When in the province, I really enjoy eating hito (catfish). It isn’t just great as ulam, it’s also a very tasty pulutan. They didn’t have inihaw na hito, though.





This is my favorite: hap-hap. It’s a pretty popular menu in Bulacan area. It’s grilled pork liempo and pork liver. They chop both in small pieces and serve combined. One serving has 50% liempo and 50% liver, hence the term hap-hap (a word play on “half”).

It’s delicious and great with chili, soy sauce and calamansi. I can have up to 3 cups of rice with just one serving of hap-hap.



Other viands include adobong atay ng manok and Bicol express.

dining area


Everything is made of bamboo, which made the whole place cool.  The open windows also give you a great view of the road in front and rice fields at the back.



dining area


Galaja is along our usual route when going back home to the province so I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the last time I’m dining here.


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