Catch Up With the Entire Game Of Thrones Series in 9 Minutes

game of thrones

Have you seen the first episode of Season 4 of Game Of Thrones?

I haven’t and that’s because I still need to catch up on Season 3. I’m dying with envy when I see friends’ timelines flooded with Game Of Thrones status updates. Because I haven’t finished the third season yet, I tread the web very carefully. I don’t want to accidentally see reviews of the first episode. The last thing I want is to get spoiled.

And if you’re like me who haven’t watched all the past episodes (or you can’t wait to sit through hours of Game Of Thrones) watch this 9-minute summary of the entire series from Sploid.

The site also has a 25-minute recap of the third season, in case you want more details. Here it is.

What are you waiting for? Winter is coming so hurry up and get caught up!


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