Grace Cookies by Leslie: Sinful and Heavenly Home-Baked Goodies

I live in a bakery. It’s somewhat a dream come true because I remember selling pandesal is one of the things I wanted when I was 8 years old. Today, I get to live part of that dream.

Because of that, I can eat any bread I want: pandesal in the morning, pandecoco or taisan bread for merienda and, one of my favorites, crinkles, to munch on when driving.

I”m obsessed with crinkles and choco chip cookies. Toss me a bag of Chips Ahoy and I’ll finish it in no time. I also recall how I tried my hand in baking choco chip cookies and even though it turned out to be a disaster I still ate as much as I can. That’s who I love choco chip cookies.

That’s why I didn’t pass up the chance to try out Grace Cookies Home-Baked Cookies by Leslie. Though I was trying to stick to a diet, I gladly tossed it out of my mind to munch on home-baked goodies that are as big as a saucer.

Leslie, owner of Grace Cookies, shared two boxes of oatmeal cookies. Each box had 14 huge pieces. I wasn’t willing to share them with anyone. For a box of delicious cookies, I’m willing to forget being generous with my friends.

I got a box of chocolate chip and raisin cookies. Since I dig chocolate so much, I tried that one first.


box of oatmeal cookies


The first bite was heavenly. I think I literally inhaled one piece in 3 seconds. Because I finished it so quickly I didn’t have the chance to taste it so inside the box my hand went.


grace cookies


The cookies were soft and chewy on the inside and a little crunchy on the edges. The oatmeal bits add crispiness to the cookies, which I liked. I was also able to tell the choco chips apart because there were plenty of them. I broke a piece in half and you’ll see how many chips are there.


Choco chip cookies broken in half

As for the taste, it’s everything I imagined and hoped for. They’re sweet but not too sweet that they leave a weird feeling in your throat, which is common when you eat something that’s got too much sugar in it.

The only oatmeal cookies I’ve tried before is Quaker’s and I noticed that they have the same kind of sweetness, so I guess oatmeal adds more flavor to these treats. And since oatmeal is healthy, I’m sure that having these every day wouldn’t be bad.

The raisin variant was just as good. I’ll come clean and say that I don’t like raisins at all but these cookies made me eat them. I’m a fan of raisins’ texture but for some reason, these cookies made it easier for me to swallow them.




Surprisingly, I found these raisin cookies good. I think the natural sweetness of the oatmeal blended well with the flavor of the raisins and that’s why I didn’t have any issues with them.

I enjoyed Grace Cookies so much I had to keep myself from emptying the boxes in one sitting. They are perfect with a cup of coffee or a glass of warm milk chocolate.


choco chip cookies with choco drink


I rationed (yes, the kind of thing Survivors do to last 39 days without food) the cookies so they lasted 5 days. I’m pleasantly surprised that even after 5 days they’re still chewy and flavorful. They’ll definitely be great to give away as presents, especially since we’re a few weeks away from Christmas.

If you want to order these home-baked goodies, just contact Leslie at 09152104167 or send a private message through her Facebook page, Grace Cookies.

Each box costs P150.00 (a steal!) and 14 delicious cookies. I highly advise that you allow 1 to 5 days prior pick up, which is usually either at noon or after 5 pm in the following areas: Ortigas, Ortigas Extension in Cainta or SM Taytay.


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