A List of Survivor Quitters – Take a Look at the Different People Who Decided to Forfeit Their Chances of Winning A Million Dollars

“People worked too damn hard to get in this game and fight to stay alive. He wants to lay his torch down, so it shall be.” – Jeff Probst on Osten Taylor’s decision to quit, Survivor: Pearl Islands


In a game that millions of people want to play, it’s very disappointing to see players quit when things aren’t going their way (except for Jenna Morasca’s case). Over the years, we’ve seen a number of people quit the game for different reasons and we’re going to be revisiting them in this list.

The notorious Colton Cumbie joins the list of Survivor quitters last week. In an eventful Redemption Island duel between Candice, Rachel, and Marissa, we weren’t really surprised when Colton said he doesn’t want to play anymore. What surprised us, however, is how Jeff lashed out at him and revealed that Colton quit in One World and didn’t really have appendicitis and just faked being sick.

Let’s go down memory lane and take a look at the people who gave up their slot in Survivor.

Osten Taylor, Pearl Islands

This big, strong guy is the first person to ever quit Survivor and it didn’t go well with a lot of people, even Jeff. Every other person who played before him had to be either voted out or flown by helicopter due to a medical emergency but no one has ever simply checked out and wished to go home.

Jenna Morasca, All Stars

Interestingly, Jenna is the only winner to come back and quit the game. But unlike others who quit because they just checked out or can’t handle the elements any longer, she decided to leave because of her cancer-stricken mother. It turned out to be the right choice because her mom passed away days after Jenna got home.

Sue Hawk, All Stars

All-Stars is the first season to have 2 players quit. For this outspoken woman, being rubbed inappropriately by Richard Hatch is the reason that angered her so much she decided to leave the game but not without an explosive speech and outrage that uncomfortably seemed to be directed at Jeff, who didn’t even have an idea of what happened.

Janu Tornell, Palau

No one really remembers Janu that much except for the fact that she quit just so Stephenie can stay in the game. The interesting thing is that she still sat on the jury, which caused quite a buzz. She may be a forgettable player but without her, we wouldn’t have seen how awesome Steph is.

Ian Rosenberger, Palau

Ian, I thought, was a shoo-in for the win. Until Tom and Katie got to him. Because he valued his friendship with Tom more than the game, he gave up immunity at a very crucial stage (and after hanging on a pole for 12 hours!) and left the game. What a stupid move.

Johnny Fairplay, Micronesia

I had high hopes for Fairplay in Micronesia. He’s a villain and can stir up trouble for a lot of people but he asked to be voted out in Day One. It was disappointing.

Kathy Sleckman, Micronesia

As lovable as Kathy was, she’s like Janu. She’s forgettable and didn’t have a good game. The rains eventually got to her and she decided to quit. And she was supposed to be a super fan. Super fans know how cruel the elements can be and would die to have a shot at the game and she quit because she’s wet all the time. What else can we say?

Naonka Mixon, Nicaragua

She’s one of the most hated villains in Survivor mainly because she’s mean to some of her tribe mates. Her attitude towards Kathy Bruno, specifically, annoyed a lot of people. But despite that, we thought she can go far because she had a game plan. She even orchestrated the elimination of her ally, Brenda. So it was surprising to see her give up on Day 28 because she can’t stand the weather anymore.

Kelly Shinn, Nicaragua

She was invisible for most of the season but, still, her decision to walk away is still surprising. I used to think that she was playing a good under-the-radar game and that she might have done very well during the latter part of the game because there was barely a confessional from her all season. Maybe she went very far and they’re saving the air time for later.

Unfortunately, she’s just that—invisible. So she quit the same night Naonka decided to leave.

Colton Cumbie, Blood Vs. Water

One of the most hated players ever, Colton was out to redeem himself in Blood Vs. Water after being portrayed as the bad guy in One World. He decided to leave the game because he doesn’t want to be with his tribe and was called out by Jeff for quitting twice. He said Colton faked having appendicitis and simply quit the first time, which the latter said was not true. And that would make him the first player to quit both seasons.

True or not, his quitting is a tough pill to swallow because he put Galang at a disadvantage. But many, I’m sure, was glad that he’s gone.

So there you go, a list of the different people who quit Survivor. All these, except for Jenna, I feel have wasted the chance given to them. They squandered not just a chance to win a million dollars but to play one of the best and toughest games ever. It’s a once in a lifetime experience they threw away.



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