Nikita Series Finale Ends With A Shocking Twist

I welcomed the New Year nursing a terrible cold. It’s awful since it came with a fever and lots of coughing. But that’s not an excuse to sulk at an important day of the year. There’s no way I’m letting this get me down so I did the one thing that makes me happy: watch a lot of TV.

While my friends are enjoying the New Year’s Eve with videoke and lots of booze (alright, I admit this really made me sad and jealous) I’m at home, in bed with only a laptop to keep me company.

So I decided to have some dose of Maggie Q.

nikita series finale

I’ve been following Nikita and only recently caught up with the latest episodes last week. The show is now on its 4th season and I was shocked to find that the 6th episode was already the finale. That was why the episode was called “Canceled.”

I didn’t give it much thought at first because most finales are at least, the 10th episode. So when the episode ended the way it did, I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so go check it out. Here’s the link where I watch Nikita:

So how did the abrupt series finale go? It was the perfect way to end the show.


I must say the writers have done a marvelous job in wrapping up the series despite the final season having only 6 episodes. If you think about it, it’s difficult to tie up loose ends in just 6 episodes but the team did it so well fans couldn’t ask for more.


Nikita and the rest of the team finally got what they want: freedom. They got their pardon and they’re finally free from the lies. Nikita even received the highest honor from the government.

The Shop is gone and Amanda is dead. But we all know that it isn’t true. It was a double who died in the explosion and Nikita has no idea that the battle is far from over. Fortunately, Ryan Fletcher is an intelligent man and he managed to get to the truth.

In Bubble, the penultimate episode, he learned the truth on a visit to Jones. But it turned out to be a mistake because they had doubles in the facility and Fletcher was taken as prisoner. He woke up in Amanda’s chair, tied up and about to get a brain procedure to make him forget about his discovery.

But adrenaline kicked in and he managed to free himself. He knocked Amanda unconscious and tried to escape but he is against an armed army and was recaptured. In a last-ditch effort to escape, he jumped out of a window and crashed on a car.

He died just after telling Nikita everything he’s learned. The episode ended with Nikita asking Alex to join forces once again, just like in the beginning, to finally put an end to Amanda’s craziness.

The series finale began with a flashback to 2004, the time when Nikita first got to Division. Amanda was talking to her after she attacked a guard twice her size. We also saw how Michael wanted to cancel Nikita and Amanda telling him that she could be the best weapon Division ever had.

The use of flashback was perfect because it gave us a better idea as to why Nikita is doing what she’s doing now, which is kind of unexpected because she is taking out the remaining The Shop members one by one and even Michael doesn’t like it.

It’s notable that in the flashback scenes, Amanda asked Nikita who she’ll be in the future. That question will serve as a reminder for viewers who Nikita really is and how that’s going to shape the ending.

Amanda is concerned that Nikita is killing Shop members so she turned to Michael for help. She told them that Nikita has taken hostage the remaining members. The military sent troops to the location, ready to take down Nikita but Michael, Birkhoff and Sam made them hold fire.

Nikita managed to get the list of the rest of the doubles and was about to send it to major news channels when Michael tried to stop her. He then asked Alex to keep Nikita from doing something she might regret.

He was then able to convince Nikita to just make a copy of the list and send it to a secure location. But Birkhoff had other plans. He sent it to a location that Nikita knows so she can still out it to the world. Nikita was about to send the list when Alex stopped her and they started fighting.

All these are being witnessed by Amanda who hacked the house’s cameras.

While the Nikita and Alex are throwing punches, one of the hostages got hold of a gun and started shooting. Nikita ducked for cover, got a gun and shot each hostage.

That forced the military to swoop in and arrest everyone.

Each one was detained except for Michael and Same because they cooperated. Birkoff, Alex, and Nikita were imprisoned. Nikita was put inside a maximum facility. It was the end for Nikita Mears.

Or so we think.

At the last few minutes, Amanda, convinced that she’s finally won, paid Nikita a visit. She then made Nikita remember the first time she got in Division and the question she asked about who she really is. Amanda is now convinced that Nikita, after all that she’s done, can’t fight the true animal in her, the monster, the assassin.

But there’s a shocking twist.

Just as we think Nikita is doomed to spend the rest of her life inside prison (or be killed by Amanda’s minions), the cuffs on her wrists and neck opened and in a split second, she had Amanda shackled instead.

Then the door opened and Birkoff came in. Nikita then explained to Amanda how everything was just a ruse to get her out of hiding and finally nail her.

It was amazing how the writers came up with the perfect way to end the series. They took us back to the beginning, showed how the characters developed, and–this is what really impressed me–used Amanda’s mind games to bring everything to a close.

Nikita pulled the rug from under us. She took what she learned from Amanda and used deception to get everything she wanted–close down the Shop, free the prisoners, eliminate the doubles, take down Amanda for good, get her freedom, and finally have a life with Michael.

It was very fitting that Amanda is locked inside the basement, where her nightmares as a child began as Helen. Now, she’ll spend the rest of her life locked in a basement. Death would’ve been an easier way out.

This is one of the best series finales I’ve seen–ever. The writing was superb. There was no loose ends and everything was concluded without looking forced. Plus, everyone stayed true to their characters. Every choice made by the characters reflected what they’ve learned throughout the series.

The best thing about it is the surprises don’t stop coming. Just when you thought you know what’s going on, everything get turned upside down. Kudos to the writers. Excellent work.

I’m sure going to miss this spy thriller. It may not be a ratings giant but it’s sure accumulated enough loyal followers. I’m one of them.



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