Overtime Work Doesn’t Mean You Get More Done

Most of us spend so much time in the office (and even clock in overtime most of the time) and yet we still don’t get a lot of things done. The next day, the pile of work that needs to be done seems to have not been reduced.

What gives?

Overtime work

The thing is many of us believe that quantity is equivalent to quality. We think that working more hours a day means we accomplish a lot. It’s not TRUE. Productivity isn’t directly influenced by the quantity of hours spent working.

To get more done, you have to work smart.

That means managing your time well and getting rid of distractions and prioritizing tasks that yield more results in the long run. Invest your time and effort in tasks that will produce more results. One of my bosses told me before that “time is money” and that I should only focus my time on things that will make me money.

He is right.

That means we must DO WHAT COUNTS. It means prioritizing tasks and learning how to manage time well.

This article from Tory Johnson, CEO and Founder of Spark & Hustle and small business expert from Good Morning America offers great tips on how to accomplish more without working longer hours.



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