Roused from Sleep Early in the Morning? Start Writing

Nothing’s worse than being roused to sleep at 4 am when you’ve hit the sack past midnight.

Sakit sa ulo.

alarm clock

But there are just times when no matter how hard you try to go back to sleep, the effort is futile. Your eyes are closed but the mind is already wandering in different directions. So what do you do?

Give in.

For writers, this should be good news. This means more time to work on that blog post or research. This means zero distractions which means you can get draft an article quickly continuously.

Though I wanted to go back to sleep, I took this time to work on some deadlines so I’ll have more time later in the day to catch up on The Blacklist and The Amazing Race.

Getting up earlier than usual should be part of your habit if you’re trying to make money online as a writer. I know it sounds bad. Who wouldn’t want to get 8 hours of sleep, right? But listen first. This can have tremendous benefits for your career–and pockets.

Here are the reasons why:

The time when no one’s awake yet is the perfect time to crank up those writing gears. It usually takes me an hour to draft a 500-word article. Before that, I spend 30 to 45 minutes doing research. So that’s 2 hours (at most) for an article. My usual load is 5 articles and above. Do the math.

But on days when I get up at 5 am (sometimes 4) I’m able to finish articles a lot quicker because no one: talks to me, asks me to do errands, calls me to grab a snack and tempts me to go out.

No one disturbs me, which happens all the time when I write during the day.

While the rest of the house is in slumber, I’m typing away and ensuring my ATM has some cash by the end of the month.

Productivity is high during this hour. Writers have to find their most productive time. For me, it’s in the mornings. Note that it varies for different people and it can change. A couple of years ago, I write better at night. These days, however, I rock it in the early hours.

The mind is fresh. Writing becomes really difficult when you have so much on your mind: car repairs, errands, lakad with friends, what to cook later, other tasks for work etc. These can keep you from focusing on what you need to write, so it’s better to open your laptop when your mind doesn’t have much to think about yet.

You’ll have more time later in the day to do stuff. It’s hard to accomplish all the items on your list when you’ve got deadlines. This happens to me a lot of times. The whole day is consumed by writing and I neglect other equally important things. Getting more stuff done early will help you accomplish more later in the day.

I usually end up not updating blogs because I spent so much hours working on client articles and that sucks because I need to write something in line with my interests at least once a day to avoid burnout. Thankfully today, I got up earlier than usual.


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