Steak, Salad, and Pasta Delight at Bondi & Bourke BGC

Having recently moved to Makati, I’ve gotten closer to BGC, which is great because this is where most of the action is.

Obviously, you don’t want to travel too far to hang out with friends or have dinner with the family or tend to some errands. That’s why I’m genuinely happy that BGC is just a few minutes away. What’s even more exciting is that it’s home to some of the best restaurants you don’t really see anywhere, like Bondi & Bourke.

Located at Forbes Town in Burgos Circle, Bondi & Bourke is one of two branches in the country (the other one is in Makati).

Bondi & Bourke

Bondi & Bourke

The establishment is predominantly glass, which is nice because it gives the place a bright ambience. Plus, the natural lighting makes it great for snapping photos for Instagram.

Bondi & Bourke

It’s spacious inside. The tables and seats have enough room for diners.


Bondi & Bourke

I like the vibe inside but what I loved even more is…the food.

Their signature salad (P495) is a good choice for starters. It’s served in a huge bowl that can serve up to two people. It has goats cheese, shaved parma ham, almonds and citrus.


And then there’s the drool-inducing slab of pork meat served with braised apples and sweet potatoes. Say hello to their 6-hour roasted pork belly.


I love pasta and that’s why I immediately took notice of this enormous serving of seafood linguini (P695).


By the time this beautiful plate of Australian Rib Eye (P2,190 for 350g and P3,690 for 600g) was served, I was already a little full because my companion and I devoured the entire bowl of salad and I finished most of the pasta dish. I could skip the steak but I’m too weak to resist its allure.

14068239_10210348771814998_1521961896502874244_n It was satisfying. The meat is tender, flavorful, and delicious. I like how the serving of asparagus made the guilty feeling I had go away because asparagus is healthy, right?

Then it’s time for dessert. I’m really not much of a dessert person and I DO NOT eat pudding at all.

This is actually the first time I tried one and it was a pleasant experience. Their sticky date pudding (P365) was sweet, has the perfect texture, and a great partner for coffee.

14079667_10210348764374812_1977578661550789212_n The restaurant is a little bit pricey, but it’s worth every peso. And the fact that they have big servings should justify the price. One meal can be shared by two (even three) people. The presentation is great. You can immediately tell that the food is fresh. The plates and utensils are spotless and the staff is very, very accommodating.

I am looking forward to visiting again.

Bondi & Bourke is located at the Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City.

Check their Facebook page here:

Twitter and Instagram: @bondibourkeph



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