Survivor: Blood Vs. Water – Having Played the Game Before Truly Has Its Advantages

Last night on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, we saw a moving moment when a mother has to sacrifice her daughter for a shot to win the game.

Tina was torn between letting her daughter Katie win at Redemption Island or fight to stay alive in the game. It’s clearly a tough choice because she’s choosing between 2 very important things in her life. Eventually, they decided to just play it hard and let nature take its course.

In the end, Tina won. She placed second to Laura, who was, as usual, a beast at the challenge.

It was interesting to see how the duel (or truel, as Stephen Fishbach refers to it) because it provided another layer to the whole blood versus water concept of the game. Unlike Laura, who had to let her daughter vote her out of the game, Tina has to come to terms with the fact that she and Katie are fighting to return to the game and they can’t both be in it.

We know that Tina is hardcore; she’s won her season and although Katie has been somewhat invisible in terms of gameplay, we know she’s also made of steel especially after having the guts to draw rocks last time. So this presents a whole new dilemma.

I’m glad that Tina decided to play hard. Katie did but it was just unfortunate that she was last. Having played the game before truly has its advantages.

Monica and Ciera at the beach

It was good to see Ciera playing so hard that she had to risk hurting Monica’s feelings by telling her all these bad things Tyson and Gervase “said” about her. While we’ve seen her fight to stay alive in the early days back in Tadhana, she’s never fought this hard. She needs to especially after flipping on her alliance last week.

For a moment we thought that it got to Monica and would make her vote with the newbies. But kudos to her for keeping her cool and voting with her mind. No matter how mad she may feel about the things she’s learned, sticking with Gervase and Tyson is a better option because had she flipped, she’s not getting jury votes. Gervase, at the very least, would make sure of that.

Plus, flippers kinda leave a bad aftertaste most of the time.

Again, being a veteran played out well this time. First-timers typically find it hard to keep their emotions in check and let them control their votes.

I don’t think Monica has a shot at winning right now but she’s got a better chance with Tyson and Gervase. So good job.

Ciera finally proves that she’s her mom’s daughter by winning immunity that involves a puzzle. She was dead-last the entire challenge but made a comeback and won. You can see how excited she was.

Immunity challenge

It was good because she guarantees herself a spot at the Final Five (if you count the returnee from RI). She doesn’t have much chance of winning against Tyson but I think she’s a dark horse. If she wins another challenge and continue making the right (and big) moves and make a compelling final speech, she could just earn enough jury votes.

To do that, she needs her mom to come back from Redemption Island.

Tribal this week wasn’t as exciting as last week’s but it was good to see how Tyson handled himself amidst accusations that he’s badmouthing Monica. It was very easy to get defensive but he kept his cool and let the others talk. Great move because getting defensive would be admitting it did happen.

Instead, he asks Monica do I tell you what to do or I ask your opinion and we talk through it?

We’re seeing a whole new Tyson. He’s like Boston Rob in little ways. It’s good that he’s learned from his mistakes in the past. And that’s why I think he’s walking away with a million dollars in his pocket.

So we finally bid the Big Brother winner goodbye. It was expected. He’s the biggest threat to Tyson’s game.  Let’s just see how he fares against the two moms in Redemption Island.



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