“The Secret Life Of Pets” Highlights Just How Much Our Pets Love Us (And Other Animals)

There’s a secret world that exists right inside our homes and it’s one that most people typically dismiss: the secret world of our pets.

If you’ve ever wondered what our furry friends do when we’re out of the house, Illumination Entertainment’s “The Secret Life of Pets” will give you a glimpse of that.

Secret life of pets

Max feels he’s the luckiest dog in the world because of his loving owner, Katie. And for him, she is his world; a world that he’s not willing to change.

Problem is, his world is about to take a dramatic turn when Katie decides to adopt another dog, this time a huge dog named Duke. The animosity happened almost immediately. There was no way Max is going to co-exist peacefully with the dog who threatens his position in Katie’s world.

The power struggle became too real for the two dogs and they soon ended up in the place they never wanted to be: the pound. Lucky for them, a group of rejected animals called Flushed Pets led by a cute bunny, Snowball, broke out one of their own.

The two were forced to pretend that they killed their owners to escape the pound truck and they were immediately welcomed by the massive underground group. But the scheme didn’t last long so Max and Duke ended up being chased by both the animal pound and the Flushed Pets.

Meanwhile Max’s friends, led by Gidget, who harbors a secret love for him, are on a mission to find him. They enlist the help from the most unlikely animals (Tiberius, a predatory bird and the Flushed Pets) as well as literally party animals.

The Secret Life of Pets

The movie is clearly made for kids but adults will appreciate it as well. It’s packed with a lot of funny scenes. The plot is pretty basic but it has an underlying theme that speaks universally. I’m very sure, if you look closer, you’ll learn something about generosity, tenacity, love, and friendship–things our society needs a lot of these days.

Although not everyone in the ensemble cast got the same character development, it was still fun to see how each character was given just the right screentime for us to feel some type of connection. Yes, even with the cute little bird.

I just have to note that the scenes where the owners were simultaneously saying goodbye to each animal and the one at the end where they got home to their eager pets will put a lump in your throat.

I don’t know why but after the things the animals have been through the entire day, they were still their owner’s loving pets. It’s touching and said a lot about how our pets really love us.

The Secret Life of Pets

It’s really the heart of the film: the love of our pets. We think we love them that much already but we may not have any idea just how much more they care for us.

Max perfectly exemplifies that kind of pet. He loves Katie so much he got himself in a lot of trouble just to take care of his problem, which means getting rid of Duke. But that didn’t happen, thankfully. What did happen was he realized that he can co-exist with his new buddy and share Katie’s love. It is, after all, the more the terrier, I mean merrier.

“The Secret Life of Pets” is a good watch. It may not be as great as Toy Story but there are similarities in terms of the theme and its audience impact.

It’s a light and breezy experience. There are enough tender moments in the movie that will touch your heart and a lot of random funny banters and hilarious scenes that will make you burst into laughter.


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